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You'll primarily find PHP applications that we've written as well as code snippets and tutorials. Hopefully this site will be out of the initial "under construction" shortly.

Easy Gantt Charts - I wanted a quick way to show a Gantt chart based off of a CSV output of an XLS spreadsheet I was using to keep track of my projects. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that'd already been done without having to set up a whole project management application, so I decided to roll my own.

Cambridge Exercise - After seeing an e-mail about how the human mind can read a letter scrambled paragraph provided that the first and last letters of each word remained in the same place, I decided to test the theory.

Tutorial for building a basic dynamic image gallery

HTTP Ping Utility

If you're interested in learning what is required to author a page that passes validation for XHTML 1.0 Strict, WCAG 1.0 (triple A), Section 508, and CSS 2.0, then you might want to take a look at my tutorial I created as a learning exercise test page to submit for validation. XHTML Learning Exercise

One of the things coders need most is a good application to develop under. I've seen the question posed many times as to what the best text editor for coding in PHP (or other languages). My personal favorite is a freeware program called PSPad.

In addition to syntax highlighting and context sensitive help for syntax, if has a built in FTP client so that you can work directly with text files on the server. It also provides macro support and tag builder forms. Addditionally you can, for instance, download the PHP manual in .chm format and attach that to the PSPAD help interface and when inside the PHP delimiters, it'll use that help file, and when in HTML delimiters, it'll display the HTML .chm help file.

The syntax highlighing is intelligent in that supports multi-highlighting so that syntax inside PHP delimiters displays under PHP syntax highlighting, and HTML displays under HTML syntax highlighting.

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