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Randmail randomly builds X number of e-mail addresses. Both username and hostname are letter/number randomized and are random sized (user defined ranges), and a random TLD is chosen from ten different ones. Then the username and hostname are shuffled to build a first and last name. A self referencing link is the last entry so when crawlers follow that link they'll get more addresses.

Randmail is released under the GPL License and you can download it here. Or view the source code.

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p2wcvDwp5 or1lu e-mail
nwzrm9 tUvx e-mail
hfOlmntds wygty0dv e-mail
ndfs1hp arcsbjsscf08 e-mail
w44Wgxb xl45kjt e-mail
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dXz3kqoj cg00 e-mail
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ts6ewiK3fzg 0cBrv e-mail
x9xeyo ehE68wnsIr44 e-mail
gq6vWCd bVdg5 e-mail
s3pg0o 3hbim e-mail
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e97g3oxCc8bn Prvefk e-mail
0thi 4gxedhipNgH1 e-mail
h8o9iIkxi n8phy e-mail
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ng9z sd6D e-mail
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